Maxwell’s “BLACKsummers’night” Review + FREE CONCERT (NYC)!

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Since the album official dropped in the US yesterday (though I’ve had it for the last month, don’t judge me for downloading my favorite artist, I’m po’ folks…), I feel it’s fair to judge it since all the fans probably have the LP in their hot little hands. That may seem backwards, but I need you ladies to weigh in and tell me what you think because after listening to the BLACKsummers’night several times, I feel like it’s…mediocre.
Don’t stab me yet, here’s my reasoning:
-Of the eight tracks (not including the last instrumental “Phoenix Rise”), I only really enjoy three, and mildly enjoy two. “Cold,” “Help Somebody” and “Stop the World” aren’t that interesting and sound stale. Besides, since when does Maxwell sing message songs (“Help Somebody”)? Gimme that slow groove jam, Max. Stay focused.

-Since when do I only enjoy five tracks on a Max album! I’m supposed to play the WHOLE thing, on repeat, forever. However, my girlfriend and I, who’s also a die-hard Max fan, put BLACKsummers’night to the “driving test” on a five hour trek from Los Angeles, Ca to the Bay area. Guess what? We listened once and switched to another Max album. That in itself is proof that this “long-awaited” LP isn’t all it’s been hyped to be.

-He’s been gone eight years and this is all we get? Boo. I’m disappointed, I feel a little cheated and, if I really think about it, I’m a bit angry. If I’m awaiting music from my favorite artist for EIGHT YEARS, the final product better be so amazing that I cry while listening.

I felt a similar sense of disappointment when I realized that Outkast wasn’t going to make any more official albums anytime soon, but kept telling their fans (me) that their “last album”, the soundtrack to Idlewild, was an real LP. Again, boo. Why must my faves disappoint me?

Ultimately, I guess BLACKsummer’snight will grow on me, and I’ll always go see Max in concert. But this LP just doesn’t make me want to scream and throw my panties like it should and for that I’m disappointed.

What do you ladies think?


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