Mr. Hudson x Kanye, Letoya, Jazi Sullivan x Ace Hood (?), Chico DeBarge

Yeah, Mr. Hudson is the Brit who helped Kanye produce and arrange alot of 808 & Heartbreak which is why this song sounds like reheated leftovers from Kanye’s LP. SMH…when I listen to BBC’s 1XTRA the Brits seem to like it. Outside of his refusal to wear an outfit that doesn’t match his skin, what do you think of this clip and song? Would you want to hear it on your iPod?

I think I’m indifferent *turns on Sara Barielles-don’t judge me*

Ace Hood + Jazi Sullivan’s “Champion”, Letoya’s “She Ain’t Got” + Chico DeBarge’s comeback “Oh No” after the jump.

This, ftr, is the most random duet ever. Jazmin…you think so? Hm…

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