News Bites: A Composers Dilema, Internet Addictions, Coke Kills and Soyinka Looks At Obama

“Till death do us part”. Sir Edward Downes, one of Britain’s-and the world’s-most respected composers, recently flew to Switzerland with his cancer-ridden wife to complete an assisted suicide. He reportedly wanted to live, and die with her, as they had been together 50+ years and he basically did not want to continue without her. In his death, a new debate over the ethics of assisted suicide has been revived. Say what you will, but I guess true love knows no bounds. {NYT}

I can’t even summarize this in a classy way. Mexico is a mess. Period. ps. Cancun doesn’t count really. {CNN}

Electric shock therapy to cure….a internet addiction? Really China? {G}

Do you like Coca-Cola? I am pretty impartial to Diet Coke ( I know!) myself, but after reading about this book…I may just stick to iced coffee for my fix. {WashPo}

Check out how Prof. Wole Soyinka of Nigeria goes in on Obama’s relationship, and signifigance with Africa. Did I mention that I am addicted to op/ed pieces? {NG}

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