News Bites: Chris Breezy Rehearses and Speaks…Bank Robberies Rise in Spain…Intl Emmys in Dubai…STDs Up During Bush Years

Oh Chris Brown.  If only you were allowed to make this speech back in February or March when we still cared.  Maybe I felt a tad bit of sincerity in his voice–but I couldn’t help but see images of him rehearsing this a million times in front of a mirror for weeks before this was posted.  Check out more on  []

With unemployment reaching 20 percent in Barcelona–the highest in Europe– bank robberies are becoming the new occupation for some.  I just returned from a trip to Barca and I can’t tell you how many people told me to leave my passport in the hotel safe and to hold my pocket book close when walking down the street.  When times are hard, it calls for desparate measures.  [New York Times]

Forget the Emmys– I want to see the International Emmys, which recognizes television programs produced outside of the U.S. or produced in partnership with U.S. entities.  Semi-final judging will be taking place in Dubai. Can I go?  [Gulf News]

A recent CDC study shows that teen pregnacy and STDs increased during the Bush years after years of decline. Surprise, surprise.. and why did I have to see this on a U.K Web site?  I guess everyone over here is too busy talking about Michael Jackson custody battles and Kate and Jon Plus 8 divorce issues.  [Guardian]

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