News Bites: Dominic Gets Snippy, Marion Barry Déjà Vu, and Obama Spreads Love

British actor Dominic West is sick of non-British actors getting British-speaking roles…but that didn’t stop him from playing an Irish-American cop on The Wire? I’m confused too.  On another note – since when did British-reared Idris Elba get a Brooklyn accent? {G}

Because he just can’t stay away…former DC Mayor Marion Barry was arrested again…and this time, “the bitch” didn’t “set him up!” {WashPo}

Obama is in Moscow in efforts to talk weapons before WW3 gets underway. {NYT}

140 people have been killed in China as Uighur Muslims and Han Chinese clash. {LAT}

Parlour may be relocating to Costa Rica {CNN}

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