News Bites: New Jerz Sting Opp…Diddy on MJ…Brazil Investing in Cuba…New iPhone App for Drunk Drivers

Associated Press

Forty-four people arrested, including three New Jersey mayors, two state assemblymen and five rabbis–in a New Jersey corruption scandal that could have been taken right out of the pages of the Sorpranos.  [New York Times]

Puff was on Letterman last night where he talked about introducing Michael Jackson to Beyonce at one of his white parties. [Gawker]

Latin American Unity:  Brazil has agreed to invest $300 million in Cuba to help them to develop their pharmaceutical, oil, and shipping industries.  [Global News]

Not sure if you’re too drunk to drive?  A new iPhone application by dutch beer company Grolsch allows you to test your ability on your phone before getting behind the wheel of a car. [Ad Age]

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