News Briefs: Dime Bag Art…Charles Taylor on Trial…Bernie Madoff’s Last Hope…Cheney’s C.I.A. Cover Up

A NYC art exhibit, Dime Bag 3 will bring together 200 painters, illustrators, graphic designers, filmmakers and photographers from around the world to create artworks specifically designed to be exhibited in 3 inch plastic “dime bags.”  [Juxtapoz]

Ex-Liberian President Charles Taylor is officially on trial at The Hague, the Special Court for Sierra Leone.  He took the stand for the first time yesterday and dismissed as “lies” the war crimes case against him, which include 11 counts of terrorism, murder, rape and tourture. [BBC]

Bernie Madoff is off to Butner, NC to start his sentence for pulling off his viscious ponzi scheme.  Meanwhile his wife Ruth has been seen looking at studio-like apartments in NYC.  Things aren’t looking so bright for Madoff, but his last shining moment may just be a jailhouse interview where he can make history for telling his side of the story to the public.  Gawker predicts just who will land the first interview. [Gawker]

Dick Cheney’s secret counterterrorism plot ultimately included plans to dispatch small teams overseas to kill senior Qaeda terrorists. [New York Times]

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