NewsBites: Bush Ruins 4th, Obama Scolds Putin, MJ’s Memorial, Unemployment Rises and Afghani Unrest

Happy Fourth of July to our US Parlouristas!!! Eat some BBQ for us! And if you hate former US Prez Bush, don’t go here.

Traffic is LA will be ape-shit on Tuesday, er….Michael Jackson’s memorial service will be held at the Staples Center in Downtown LA…aka by my Granny’s. SIGH [USAT]

9.5% of America is out of a job…don’t be depressed though, this madness can’t last forever. promise. [MH]

US Prez Obama to Russian PM Putin: “Stop with the Cold War antics, it’s 2009 dude.” [G]

All those US troops in Afghanistan might start the third world war. You heard it here first… [NYT]

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