NewsBites: Italy Ousted, McNair Murder Unravels, Paterson Appoints, La Fights over MJ Costs

The G8 no likey Italy or the country’s PM Silvio Berlusconi. Looks like Italy is backing out of several aid commitments and the “world” isn’t amused. [G]

Like Terita said, you never really do know your idols do you? This McNair girlfriend-suicide just keeps getting deeper. [WP]

“Gov. David A. Paterson named Richard Ravitch, a Democratic lawyer with a career in government dating back a half century, as the state’s lieutenant governor on Wednesday.” [NYT]

Now that MJ’s memorial ceremony is over (man, that was an AWESOME tribute!) LA is fighting over who’s going to pay for that $1 million in overtime the city incurred. [AP]


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