NewsBites: Kiddie Booty, UK Swine Flu, NAACP & The Gays and Brazil Gets Dumped On?

Yesterday, the NYTimes ran a piece discussing the social acceptance of letting young children go naked while in/out of the house. And then they let people comment on it…its a good lunchtime read if you can get through all of the comments…all 20+ pages worth. I mean, wouldn’t you like to be naked all day in this heat? {NYT}

In California, a 6th…yes 6th police officer in Burbank has filed charges of discrimination against the police department. We tried to feign surprise but it didn’t work. {LAT}

It seems that the UK has been dumping their dirty laundry in Brazil…literally. Needless to say, folks are not happy. Have you ever seen a Brazillian upset? Not a pretty sight. {BBC}

The NAACP just may learn to publicy love the gays—and not just in church choirs? Heeeeeeyyyy!!!! {SFGate}

Seeing that I will be in London next month, news that swine flu is still in full effect there is making me consider just staying in the flat. {G}

Soooo it’s Friday. By the time you read this I will be in the land of cortados, flamenco and beer for breakfast (did u see Espana’s latest post?)…ie. Spain! Parlour will be full effect out there so get ready!

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