NewsBites: Obama Has A Beer, Leibovitz Needs to Pay, Cheating Rules & More

So President Obama hosted Henry Louis Gates, Vice-President Biden and Gates’ arresting officer, James Crowley over for a beer yesterday. Meanwhile, 46 million people are still without healthcare and I have a really bad case of indigestion. {G}

Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz has had a breach of contract lawsuit sent her way after a 20 million dollar loan went sour. Wait…20 mill? {WWD}

Here in Spain, we are still a little shook after the car bomb in the northern part of the region, and it intensified after another blast by the same seperatist group happened yesterday in Mallorca. {NYT}

So if you know that your bff’s man is cheating on her -would you tell? {CNN}

The leader of a rogue Islamic sect in Nigeria has been killed while in police custody, much to the chagrin of human rights activists. Is government sponsored killing a way to spur reform? {BBC}

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