NewsBites: SA Crime vs. World Cup, Jesus vs. Mohammed & L.A. vs. Bankruptcy

“Then there was the recent news that G4S, the world’s biggest security firm, has declined to work at next summer’s World Cup. Nick Buckles, the organisation’s chief executive, took that decision after revealing that G4S rated South Africa more dangerous than Iraq and Afghanistan.”

The Guardian’s Louise Taylor isn’t too keen on going to South Africa for World Cup 2010. Maybe she’s been watching Ross Kemp docs. {G}

Christian leaders in the UK are accusing the government of playing favorites—with Muslims. If only in America… {Tele}

Insert some type of “Nigerian Email Scam” joke here. I’m so wrong, I know. {NG}

The city of Los Angeles is facing some tough times…paying for memorials is expensive! {LAT}

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