NewsBites: Stuart Won! Leavin Iraq and Mike & Farah Say Goodbye

It’s official! Meet Al Franken (who will always be SNL’s Stuart Smalley in my heart), the newest member of the US Senator who is reppin Minnesota after what seemed like the longest recount in the world! Love how the Republican party tried to straight jack his seat to gain power in the Senate. Like 2000 all over again. {NYT}

Annnd we are out! We are now officially on the 2nd day of US troops being withdrawn from cities in Iraq. And yes, they decided to throw muf’n party. Check the video. {BBC}

So are you going to Neverland ranch to personally wave Michael Jackson a final goodbye? I have a feeling that Friday will be one of the craziest days…and traffic jams…of all time. {CNN}

In other “people who died this past weekend” news, Farah Fawcett was laid to rest yesterday. You probably didn’t realize because u were too busy changing your Facebook picture to your latest “vintage” MJ flick. {LAT}

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