NewsBites: Topless Summers, Obama RX, North Korea Gets a Time-Out and South Africa Unrest

Brigitte Bardot sunbathing in a ‘monokini’ in 1960. Photograph: © Bettmann/Corbis

Question ladies: Do you go topless on the beach? I for one, DO, sans when kids and creepy old men are present (ie. only in Miami and overseas). I also eat spaghetti sauce and scrambled eggs, so consider me the “special one.”Over in the UK, the debate is back on about topless sunbathing after the act is no longer seen as tre-chic in France. Who knew that breasts could stir such a debate? {G}

Looks like Obama is starting to become a lonely cheerleader for his healthcare plan. I just want to go to the dentist dammit.  {NYT}

Oh North Korea. You see what happens when you don’t even try to play nice. Now noone wants to play with you! One could start by freeing Laura and Euna (hint hint).  {BBC}

In South Africa, violent protest over the recession and the government’s lack of basic services have calmed a bit, but the government is still vowing to crack down. My guess is that we are doing some pre-World Cup house cleaning. {R}

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