NewsBites: South Africa Snips, Alfa Romeo is Coming, Speedy Nuns and L.A vs. David Beckham

In South Africa, the fellas are lining up to get circumcised in hopes of decreasing their chances of contracting H.I.V., too bad the government is still seen as too slow to help curb the nationwide epidemic. {NYT}

Here in Spain, people can’t stop talking about the two cases of underage gang-rapes in separate parts of the country. {TS}

Three nuns were pulled over in Italy after being clocked at 112mph. Their excuse? They needed to be with the Pope after hearing about his recent wrist-injuring fall. {G}

One good thing about the Fiat acquisition of Chrysler? The Alfa Romeo is coming back! Still think the vintage drop-tops are better than the new design, but seeing that the new look is more intune to what the rest of the world is driving, my guess is that it’s time to bring some international flair to the streets? {NYT}

Poor Becks. Some Los Angelenos are not happy to have the star player back. I blame the Armani ads.  {LAT}

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