She’s Back!: Whitney Houston’s New LP “I Look To You”

whitney houston listeningwhitney houston x alicia keys

Guess who came outside in NYC last night? Whitney “Crack is wack…Aw hell to the naw” Houston and I. was. loving. it. So much so that I tweeted a play-by-play, including the crowd’s snickering when music biz vet Clive Davis announced that R.Kelly wrote a song [or two] on the upcoming album, “I Look To You.” COMEDY!

Here’s my play by play below, I’ve pasted it all there for ya…I love you too boos [I even bootlegged a lil’ video, so check it out before we get shut down ;)]

@KillaHills Sez…


-Is anyone else my age at the whitney listening?

No? Alrightee

Whit’s promo reel reminded me that I always loved “It’s Not Right But It’s OK”. That’s my jam…did clive just namecheck flo rida as wack? LOL

Love how clive is throwing silent shots at sony executive muckety muck barry weiss who keeps trying to sack him. “My report cards are good” – get ’em clive!

Clive: then alicia wrote a beautiful song with swizz beatz” (muffled giggles…)

swizz beatz x whitney

Ak x swizz x whitwhit = “million dollar bill.” I’m not madd @ this song at all, a lil Jacksons “let me show you” but w/ MADD bass.

Danja x WhitWhit = “nothing but love” very electro, I’m stuck in gay club & I appreciate it. This jam can also be reborn in house. I likes…

La Reid, swizz & his boo AK, Dionne Warwick, Cissy Houston, and a slew of other muckety mucks in here

johnta austin & Stargate “call you tonight” typical stargate, wailing guitar strings, double drum pattern, nice melody. Its cool, radio-y

My girl: “Gotta hear the ballad” [I say] to make sure whit whit didn’t go like aretha & can’t hit those high notes anymore

Next up, a ballad by whit whit x diane warren x david foster “I didn’t know my own strength” piano driven, swelling strings, singular vocals

“I felt inspired like I did “ill always love you”-sez whit whit in a quote read by Clive

Ballad play’d, we feel aiight @ it. Oh no! Clive says whit whit wanted to do an island song. Blame claude kelly x akon “like I never left”

Before you wonder what it sounds like, its the one that leaked last year…remember?

Comedy = clive says whit whit went to the studio with R.kelly (audience groan/gasp…rm erupts in laughter) can you say classic? F’n comedy

r.kelly x whit whit “salute.” The beat is decent, stomping bass, kinda like the “get the f’ outta here bobby” song, lol, you too superhead!!!

Think “its not right but its OK” except for bobby…same beat as “halo” my girl said. She’s right. I likes, damn you Kelly!

Title track, “I look to you” written by r.kelly, prod by tricky & harvey mason jr. (Where’s terius aka the dream tho?) Bare piano, strings. not madd

THIS is the ballad. Really like “I look to you”

Next might be the first single, clive says “text me wht u thnk is the first single.” haha, “he doesn’t even use email” sez a J recds staffer

“Worth it” whit whit x johnta austin x eric hudson (?) We like this one…

martha stewart

This next one is a “work in progress.” Martha stewart is here? Whaaa, jailbird shuffle! Lol, ruth madoff & martha shld talk, I’m convinced

Stargate x harvey mason jr x DONNY HATHAWAY “a song for you” *shit, I’m sarcastic but this song always makes me tear up* whit’s killing it..

Oh shit its a house mix! I’m back to the gay club & I’m happy to be here! Whit just walked out! Black form fitting leather dress.Work bitch!

Just got caught flipcaming. Hehe

PLR x Whitney Houston’s Listening for “I Look To You” from Parlour Magazine on Vimeo.

Whit Whit to Gail; “Please tell Oprah I say hello”

Um, impromtu monica listening session & freddie jackson is here? Glossy lips & all, I love it, lol


Do you want to hear WhitWhit’s album when it drops?

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