The Weekend Battle: Remember The Time vs. Thriller

Ok. I’ve waited all week to write this, but I would end up getting in arguments whenever I started debating the topic out-loud. In memory of Michael, and in celebration of music, now is the time to settle the score once and for all: Which was better—”Remember The Time” or “Thriller?”

They were both groundbreaking videos with new techology and cinematic-worthy productions, but if the two were to come out at the same time, which one would you ride with? Feel free to bring the argument to the BBQs over the weekend, and remember to consider the details, good or bad:

Remember The Time
Directed By: John Singleton
Running Time: 9:15


– Egypt! Because everyone loves Egypt and there are brown people.

– Celeb power: Eddie Murphy, Iman, Magic Johnson, Tom “Tiny” Lister..aka DEEBO!

– Michael kisses Iman

– The dance sequence makes “tutting” accessible for the masses and inspires a whole new dance.

– Narrative plot was fantasy, yet realistic…

– Lion Cubs

– The sand animations


– Michael kisses Iman…but in the back of your mind you were like “eh?”

– Unlike the Thriller jacket, no one wanted to rock MJ’s gold metal vest afterwards.

– Post “Coming to America” Eddie Murphy’s facial expressions, and mustache.

– No one does the “Remember the Time” dance routine in Filipino prisons and at weddings.

Directed By: John Landis
Running Time: 14:00


– Playboy centerfold – Ola Ray as the main lead.

– Celeb power: Vincent Price

– Michael gives Ola a ring just for “being his girl.”

– The dance sequence: zombies & red leather!

– Narrative plot was great, but you were kinda scared of the dark afterwards.

– Video was nominated for an Academy Award, and won a slew of others

– Inspired a would-be Broadway production

– Everyone seems to know at least one part of the choreography

– The “Thriller Jacket” makes parents everywhere upset when we ALL want one.

– Brown Michael

– Ola’s outfit…blue skinnies with red pumps? Word.


– Ola’s outfit

– Jheri Curls.

I guess is also depends on how old you are as well. 35+ are generally Team Thriller, while 35- tend to ride with Remember The Time…no matter what, they are both great vids and proof that Michael really was…the King!

Ok…where is the BBQ at?

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