True Blood Live @ Comic Con 2009

You know you love yourself some Sookie & Lafayette, even though you may want to stab her most of the time. Lucky for you, the cast and creator, Allan Ball along with book author Charlaine Haris, made an appearance at Comic Con in San Diego recently and premiered a trailer for the second half of season two, debuted the new True Blood drink and dished on a possible love triangle between Sookie, Bill and Eric…drama! It was also good to see the main cast as their natural selves…which is why I guess I am in love with Stephen Moyer after hearing his accent. The cast took questions from the moderator and the audience, peep all of the vids after the jump. Oh…and your welcome!!

And don’t worry, a recap is coming soon from one of my US-based sistren! TB comes on waay to late here for me to stay up!

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