“True Blood” Recap: “I’m Not Gonna Do Anything Stupid”

Daphne true blood

You know what it is ladies, the “True Blood” recap here at Parlour, where we talk about: Sam not asking Daphne if she has any diseases, specifically that komodo dragon rash that’s been going around…We’re still not sure why Maryann won’t leave Tara alone, and we’re salty that we didn’t get to see Eggs’ behind this week. Boo. But there’s more!

-“I’m completely yours…I’m not gonna do anything stupid.” -sez Sookie. Why doesn’t she understand that the Dallas vamps will eat her as soon as see her?

-Such a nerd, really? That guy’s going to tell Jessica about his comic books? How OLD is he?

-The one-handed push ups from Jason doing the Jesus (literal) bootcamp? Lol!

-The cg’d-to-high-heaven photo of Tara, Sookie and Gran rears its ugly head again… I hate that thing…

-Lafeyette’s over-done make-up and beaded scarf…I. Can’t. But I’m so glad that he’s back!

-Word to the Tony Chachere’s seasoning that Maryanne was using in the kitchen while gangstering Tara for a place to stay…

-“That’s family tara” -sez Eggs. (Sorry homes, I don’t think you don’t have sex w/ family, right?)

-What’s the great revelation the first Dallas vampire was talking about with Eric, Sookie, Bill & the argumentative Spanish vamp?

-“I’ve got her even when I don’t want her” -sez televangelist man. Oh, please!

true blood_jason

-Was that a bazooka that the Televangelist handed Jason was holding in the vampire war/prayer closet?

-“God wants you to have your reward, let me give you your reward …help you find your way back to joy” -sez televangelist wife. RUN JASON!

-“Nice rack” -sez Sam. “Nice balls” -sez Daphne/deer. (While doing it on a pool table…CHEESE)


-Sookie and Jason are totally going to cross paths and I think that she’ll realize she’s at Jason’s haven by reading the televangelist’s wife’s mind…whatcha think?

-WOAH, Bill having his female maker around is going to ruffle Sookie’s feathers, throwing a wrench in the whole, ‘it’s just me and you’ thing…

What were your fave parts!?!

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