“True Blood” Recap: “Whatever She is, He Loves Her”

jason true bloodIt’s another recap of “True Blood” where the vampires are people-friendly, even if they’re weren’t so in the 1920’s, pretty black men have emotional breakdowns and Daphne finally proves my prediction right (I knew Sam shouldn’tve trusted her!)…but as usual, that’s not all:
-Why does Eric want Sookie so bad, and if she’s turned will she still have the power to read minds?
-Was anyone else mildly shocked by Bill’s a) singing skills because I think that was really his voice, lol b) his vicious killing of that Chicago couple? The woman was just bleeding on the bed, like a stuck pig, and they just pushed her over and started going at it c) why was the blonde flapper’s make-up SO awful? Maybe they were supposed to look desperate?
-Is it just me or did you hear Bill “enter” his maker, Noureen (in the biblical sense)…Stop with the sound effects guys…

-Oh NOW (!!!) you wanna ask Daphne/deer/pig about the komodo dragon scar Sam? AFTER you’ve slept with her a few times? Smart. I’d almost say that he deserves to get caught up at the episode’s end for being so gullible, but I’m convinced Maryann wants to sacrifice him…(c) Eggs’ breakdown in the woods…I KNEW Daphne was no good!

-“I’m the man of the house?” -Eggs. HAHA, this is not ya’lls house!

-“Without a hot shower in the morning, I have no tolerance for sarcasm”- Maryann. Again, you’re a guest and you’ll take whatever I say and like it!

-“That’s awesome Stackhouse”…”Be here all day”- Jason. LOL!

-“I don’t think I should have to remind you, but Jesus was a carpenter” – sez Sarah Newlyn, televangelist wife.

-The way this Christian couple goes on about “meeting the sun” it reminds me of black people being lynched in the south in front of crowds of people eating snacks. Now I really want the Dallas vamps to kick their asses…

-How did Sookie not think about aging with Bill? She’s so “special”- “If I die today, at least I know I won’t have to die alone.”

-Oh Arlene, you’re the least mysterious woman I know… (c) “Love Jones”

-“You weren’t on any gay cruise cause if you were, you woulda came back with more pizazz not less!” – Andy LOL, so true. Po’ Lafeyette.

-Oh Hoyt, why does your mama still pay for your phone bill?

-Why is Eggs acting like he doesn’t know Maryann’s ways? And why do both he and Tara walk up to the orgy, clearly dislike it, then participate like everyone else? WAKE UP TARA!

What did you think?

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