“True Blood” Recap: “Whatever She is, He Loves Her”

jason true bloodIt’s another recap of “True Blood” where the vampires are people-friendly, even if they’re weren’t so in the 1920’s, pretty black men have emotional breakdowns and Daphne finally proves my prediction right (I knew Sam shouldn’tve trusted her!)…but as usual, that’s not all:
-Why does Eric want Sookie so bad, and if she’s turned will she still have the power to read minds?
-Was anyone else mildly shocked by Bill’s a) singing skills because I think that was really his voice, lol b) his vicious killing of that Chicago couple? The woman was just bleeding on the bed, like a stuck pig, and they just pushed her over and started going at it c) why was the blonde flapper’s make-up SO awful? Maybe they were supposed to look desperate?
-Is it just me or did you hear Bill “enter” his maker, Noureen (in the biblical sense)…Stop with the sound effects guys…

-Oh NOW (!!!) you wanna ask Daphne/deer/pig about the komodo dragon scar Sam? AFTER you’ve slept with her a few times? Smart. I’d almost say that he deserves to get caught up at the episode’s end for being so gullible, but I’m convinced Maryann wants to sacrifice him…(c) Eggs’ breakdown in the woods…I KNEW Daphne was no good!

-“I’m the man of the house?” -Eggs. HAHA, this is not ya’lls house!

-“Without a hot shower in the morning, I have no tolerance for sarcasm”- Maryann. Again, you’re a guest and you’ll take whatever I say and like it!

-“That’s awesome Stackhouse”…”Be here all day”- Jason. LOL!

-“I don’t think I should have to remind you, but Jesus was a carpenter” – sez Sarah Newlyn, televangelist wife.

-The way this Christian couple goes on about “meeting the sun” it reminds me of black people being lynched in the south in front of crowds of people eating snacks. Now I really want the Dallas vamps to kick their asses…

-How did Sookie not think about aging with Bill? She’s so “special”- “If I die today, at least I know I won’t have to die alone.”

-Oh Arlene, you’re the least mysterious woman I know… (c) “Love Jones”

-“You weren’t on any gay cruise cause if you were, you woulda came back with more pizazz not less!” – Andy LOL, so true. Po’ Lafeyette.

-Oh Hoyt, why does your mama still pay for your phone bill?

-Why is Eggs acting like he doesn’t know Maryann’s ways? And why do both he and Tara walk up to the orgy, clearly dislike it, then participate like everyone else? WAKE UP TARA!

What did you think?

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  • thorough. no real comments today, lol. ok, that’s not true. eggs and tara participated because they were under maryanne’s spell. her powers were obvious stronger since she was already in the middle of an orgy and they were already confused by what they stumbled across. and like i said before, i believe that eggs is a victim, just like tara and unlike daphne.

    oh, and as annoying as sookie is, she did the opposite of what a lot of women do, which is a little admirable. she did not plan out the rest of her life with bill. she is fully in the moment, as short-sighted and unadvisable as that is given her unique circumstances. she can read minds but she’s not psychic and she obviously has not had a lot of experience with men.

    bill’s singing vioce was a pleasant surprise. his violence wasn’t. he is the way he is now because he’s trying to repent for what he did when he was first turned. that’s one of the reasons why he gets so angry with sookie. he worked hard to repress his dark side and she just does things that makes him have to access it.

    and see, someone did finally rock lafayette in their embrace/bosom, lol…hoyt paid his phone bill. his mother just disconnected it. she’s gonna catch a bad one soon. parts of my predictions are coming true.

  • Moochie

    I thought Tara and Eggs participated because they fell under her spell like everyone else. Did u see their eyes?! creeppyyyyy

  • I must say that last night’s show brought me back after a few weeks of questioning just where they were going. I can’t wait to see what happens next week. My prediction: Detective Belfour is finally going to solve the case of his career. He’s the only one who noticed something strange about this pig–even though he was inebriated half of the time. If it’s not him–someone is going to have to wake everyone out of Maryanne’s spell. From the looks of it.. she has almost everyone.. with the exception of Sam and the crew who has gone off to Dallas.

    Oh, and how did they know that Sookie was sent in to read their minds? I think Jason is caught up in all of this too? They knew that Sookie was his sister and that’s why they’ve been all on his nuts from day one. I may be wrong, but I don’t think so.

    Ready to fast forward to next week. Finally it’s getting good!

  • I knew Daphne was up to no good, but I didn’t know she was the damn pig. So maybe she is just a shapeshifter, but she’s Maryann’s shapeshifter. Either way, the B obviously can’t be trusted.

    I was thinking the site that Eggs was drawn to was the site of the last sacrifice (even before I saw the current one) and figure it had something to do with him becoming beholden to Maryann, even if he can’t remember why/doesn’t know that he is.

    So sad to see Lafayette all jacked up, and glad that shellshocked dude understand and took care of him.

    I knew Eric had called Bill’s maker, and I think he’s going to end up with Sookie at some point. He wants her very bad, and he’s much stronger than Bill. Plus, Sookie’s an idiot.

    Wasn’t surprised at viciousness, but it was icky. Figured it had a lot to do with his attitude toward vampire business now. He’s seen how awful it can be. Steels, I think you’re by yourself on that “entering” business, lol.

  • I saw this week’s ep and all I could think was WTF? They really went hard, it was kind of soft core porn-ish huh?

    I was surprised to see Lafayette get all PTSD on us but it was good that the other guy knew just how to help him out. Seems like he’s been dealing with PTSD from the military for a minute.

    I really hate that Bill’s maker basically raped him. I don’t think Sookie’s going to take that very well, even though Bill was physically unable to stop her from doing anything to him.

    Sookie should have grabbed “rufus” and bounced as soon as she heard the Pastor’s thoughts. Abandon ship! Jump!

    I wonder why Sam is so special and Maryanne wants to sacrifice him. I mean, he’s a shapeshifter and all but whoop de doo.

  • It’s about time we get to see more vampires doing vampire things. Bill’s softness is so annoying and boring
    Good episode.

  • Jay

    Poor Lafayette!! haunted for life!

    jason : ” you really talk to God?”…
    preachers wife: “everyday..” LMAO!!!

  • finkies

    i know why eric wants sookie!!! but i’m not tellin 🙂

  • Thanks! No spoilers!