ICYMI: “True Blood” Recap: “You Can Tell Alot About People By Their Smile”

Since HBO just re-ran this episode…we figured we’d give you another shot to chat it up about Sookie, Bill and po’ Lafayette…

Sorry, we’re late due to the BET Awards madness, BUT **SPOILER ALERT** Here we go:

…Um, “Thriller” in real life chasing after Sookie? LOL. WTF was that thing? Ooo, I bet you it’s Maryann’s servant guy! Thoughts?

…How long is Sam going to pine after Sookie? I mean, really…

Picture 4

…Jessica is the WORST TEEN EVER! Why can’t she just stay home?

“I Smell Sex & Candy” as the theme music when said WORST TEEN EVER enters Merlotte’s? LOL. I haven’t heard that song since like…high school?

Picture 5

…So, Lafayette isn’t a vamp? Somehow I’m a bit disappointed though, if you recall, I didn’t want him to be a vamp. All I could say when he wrapped himself in the blanket was you poor thing! And why does Sookie think that her foot stomping will always work with Erik? One day he’s going to bite her, I know it…

…”chicken and a steak got together and made…a crispy delicious baby” says dumb (but nice) Hoyt. Smh…

…I still think that Jason is going to bed that Preacher’s wife. You know she wanted to lick his fingers while they were praying for his “confusion.”

…”hate is really loving good.” – sez Preacher. That makes no sense, where’s Dr. King?!?

…Jason physically looking outside when Preacher says “what we got going on right now is a war,” followed by “not…right now.” LOL.

Picture 8


Sam is going to catch komono rabies? From the shitty waitress who was sent by Mary Ann, it’s a giant conspiracy!

+…where exactly is Sam going anyway?

+…is it just me or was this episode not that interesting? hm…

What’d YOU think?

ps. Fastpasstv.com is THE BEST!


JBaker Notes

– Best line in this episode: “Sarah doesn’t whip out her pudding for just anybody.”

– Tara is finally going to see the truth about MaryAnn by the next episode

– I want Lafayette’s black/silver wallpaper for my bathroom

– The preacher couple is SO ready to make Jason a third in the bedroom—and they do V

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