Vogue Italia Goes Back To Black…Barbie!

Vogue Italia has struck again! After releasing their groundbreaking “Black Issue” last summer, the book decided to continue the tradition with the release of another Black Issue with Black Barbie as it’s leading lady. Says British Vogue:

“Barbie has scored a starring role in Vogue Italia’s most iconic edition; the Black Issue, as the magazine styles the iconic doll in a collector’s supplement. In July 2008, Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, conceived the first Black Issue, starring models including Iman, Naomi Campbell, Liya Kebede, Sessilee Lopez and Jourdan Dunn – with the intention of sending a message to the fashion world about the importance of diversity in fashion.

“Barbie has been an icon for whole generations which is why I really wanted to give a strong sign in step with the times, and dedicate the anniversary issue to Black Barbie,” Sozzani said.

The first black doll from Barbie was introduced in 1967, as a friend of Barbie called Francie, followed by the first “Black Barbie” doll, introduced in 1980. The trend continues this autumn with the launch of a collection of black Barbie dolls, called the So In Style dolls; which have been designed with more authentic-looking black features, including a new facial sculpt that has fuller lips, a wider nose, more distinctive cheek bones and curlier hair.”

Love that her name was “Francie’ and not “ShayShay”. Time to hunt down another issue!

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