WATCH IT: “Good Hair”

I can’t wait, this is actually going to be funny. I heard that Chris Rock produced this with Nelson George, famed hip-hop journo turned TV producer (c) “Life Support” starring Queen Latifah and Evan Ross.

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  • Nika

    OMG I can’t wait to see this either. I was cracking up just watching the 31 seconds of the clip. I will definitely make sure I take my man with me to see this cuz he doesn’t understand sometimes why I tell him not to touch the hair. LOL

  • even with my short, curly do…if you touch my hair, I will still turn into a ninja! this is gonna be gooood.

  • it’s funny how i remember my grandmother telling me not to let people touch my hair because “they’re gonna salt it out” my american friends still don’t get that, lol. or that time my italian friend in high school put almost a whole bottle of pink lotion in her hair because she overheard me and my black friends talking about it at lunch.

  • @Asha, well your italian friend got a first hand lesson in how pink lotion will make your hair EXTRA crispy, lol!