Who Will Win The UK’s Mercury Prize This Year?

The Mecury Music Prize is a big deal on these shores, it celebrates songwriting on albums released in Britain and Ireland in the last 12 months, and there’s only one winner. Dizzee Rascal previously walked away with the prize, and that’s what cataputled him to worldwide success. This year’s 12-strong list is very female friendly. La Roux (lead singer pictured on the left) are up for it, as well as Florence and the Machine, Bat For Lashes, and Speech Debelle (pictured on the right).

I’d quite like Speech to win, although she has an outside chance. She bases a lot of her lyrics on her experiences of living in a homeless shelter when she was younger. But I do love La Roux’s track “In For The Kill”. It’s 80’s electropop, which has the ability to get you reminiscing about days gone by, when I was young — and bills, mortgages and debt were a myth.

Anyway the winner will be announced in September, but til then take a look at La Roux performance of “In For The Kill” and Speech Debelle’s “The Key” after the jump.

La Roux, “In For The Kill”

Speech Debelle, “The Key”

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