Bollywood’s MJ Tribute “Make It Large”

Leave it to Bollywood to produce a heartfelt tribute to MJ that is better than 95% of the stuff we’ve seen here. I expected more sudden synchronized grinding and a fountain, but what I got was much better.

“In what can be easily termed as musical history, Seagram’s Royal Stag has created a special video ‘Make it Large- A tribute to Michael Jackson’, to be released on music channels across India on the 29th of August to celebrate the pop legends 51st birthday.

A celebration could not be larger than this one where the best of Indian musicians come together to pay tribute to the genius that is Michael Jackson. Written by Vishal, composed by Vishal and Shekhar, produced by Red Chillies Idiot Box, and directed by Samar Khan ‘Make it Large’ features Shankar, Shaan, KK, Shreya Ghoshal and Michael’s closest dance likeness in India-Prabhudeva.”

Jump for the video!


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