I Can’t Shower, Blame Global Warming!

Image and video hosting by TinyPicSo I get up in the morning at the crack of dawn, switch on the lights and…nothing. Total darkness. Okay, making my way towards the bathroom holding on to the wall for guidance after two or three near mishaps and banging my toe on the door, I make it to the bathroom sink. Open the taps and…nothing.
Welcome to my life as it is currently, no water, no electricity and maybe at this point I should state that all my utility bills are paid on time. So there I was on a Monday morning, and I haven’t ironed my clothes, and I haven’t showered.
Kenya, my dear home country that I love dearly is going through what we like to call the rationing period. Essentials come in rations; electricity, water and for some of our citizens food.

The water crisis is being blamed on people settling in our forest areas with the government now proposing forced evacuations, electricity and food crisis linked to poor rainfall with experts blaming global warming.

So I don’t get power at my apartment on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and only get water on Wednesday and Saturday and I should blame global warming? What happened to forecasting disasters?

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So now, we can’t do much about the power, but water vendors in the city are making a killing selling water to desperate residents.

It’s just another classic example of how Kenyan institutions can let us down. Are we going to wake up one day and realize our lakes are dry?

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