Law & Order Fan Solves Case

Don’t know about you, but sometimes, I’m just in the mooooood for some “Law & Order: SVU.” The detectives get together and give me closure in 55 minutes no matter what kind of day I’ve had. But I’ve never thought to solve a crime with the mindless TV watching I do on my couch. Fortunately, someone else did, check this out:

Who says television is bad for you?

Justine Faeth’s favorite show is Law & Order Special Victims Unit. The Manhattan office assistant recently used sleuthing skills she picked up from the show to help police catch a man accused of a string of robberies.

The suspect walked into the production company where Faeth works. Police say he stole an employee’s purse, an iPod and a wallet.

Before leaving, he drank water and blew his nose. Faeth saved the cup and tissue. Investigators used DNA samples from the items to track down and arrest a suspect.

On Thursday, Faeth appeared on NBC’s “Today” show. Actress Mariska Hargitay, who plays a “Law & Order” detective, called in to express her “awe.” They even discussed the possibility of Faeth doing a walk-on.

I love it.


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