Michael Kay is NOT my homeboy

So of course, now that the Yankees have beaten who they were supposed to beat and rejoined the human race, I feel a bit better about things.
I’m still not fully convinced, but I have stopped turning on each game with that nervous, OMG they might lose feeling.
I’ll admit I’ve even been to a few games this season (even during my ban-I love them. Sue me) and one of the best parts about every game I’ve been to–is no Michael Kay.
I don’t like him. Seriously. He is about as annoying as they come, and while he does know quite a bit about the game, the posturing, the “self deprecating humor,” and the kissing up he does to the ex Yankee players has gotten on my last nerve.
He’s like a poor man’s John Madden with a dash of hater thrown in. He says the most obvious things, makes the most asinine comments, and laughs at his own jokes (they are NOT funny).

On top of this, one cannot watch a game without hearing mention of something about his personal life, or an experience with a current or former player. We get it, you’re around them, why not talk about the game?

I can’t imagine I’m the only one who doesn’t care what A-Fraud said to you in the elevator, or that you got to sit in Legends seats on your day off, or that you don’t eat condiments with any meal. What I do care about is who’s on first, and whatever news comes across that affects the team.

He’s like that guy who was a nerd all through school and made it into a position of some prominence, but that wasn’t enough. He now needs to spend every waking hour “proving” he belongs, and in the process makes himself look like exactly what the kids pegged him as so many years ago-a social outcast.

The other night he asked an ex player who had gone up to Toronto for a reunion which of his former teammates looked the worst. O RLY? What does this have to do with the Yankees? Why do you care who looks bad? Not like he will be winning any Mr. Sexy awards anytime soon. It bothered me so much I think it became the straw that broke the Sportie’s back. I’ll be watching the games on mute from now on, because listening to his useless banter will send me over the edge, and I don’t think they show sports at Creedmoor.

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