More Bang(le) For Your Buck!


If you were to spend an hour in my room, you would more than likely find an accessory for any outfit imaginable. Costume or not- I don’t discriminate. I think this love for jewelry may have all started when I was a young tot watching Jem! I can remember instantly falling in love with her pink hair and star shaped studs.

Cocktail rings, oversized hoops, layered necklaces, brooches and bangles are all part of my treasure chest…the bigger & chunkier… the better!

Bracelets in particular have become one of my latest obsessions. Often times they will offer a fabulous addition to any outfit at an affordable price! The best thing about them is that you can often mix and match bracelets and they will still look great with any outfit!

All of the bracelets highlighted above can be purchased for under $60.00.


xx cruziiie

Where & How to Buy:

#1- Topshop| $20

#2- Topshop| $17

#3- JCrew| $58

#4- Forever21 | $6

#5- Forever21 | $6

#6- French Connection | $9

#7- MF | $20

#8- Aldo | $22

#9- CR | $4

#10- Cara Couture | $48

#11- ModCloth | $13
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