News Bites: Laura and Euna Home at Last…Clutch Revisits Lisa Nicole Carson…Obama Cracking Down on Immigration…Essence Single Guy Spotlight


Welcome home Laura Ling and Euna Lee! Bill Clinton pulled a Jesse Jackson and succeeded! [New York Times]

Remember Lisa Nicole Carson? During the 90’s, she was one of the most promising African American actress in both film and television, but a bout with mental illness caused her to be put away and never heard from again. Clutch Mag looks back at her career as a lens to discuss the effects of mental illness. [Clutch-Mag]

The Obama administration is starting to crack down on immigration laws, revisiting a few policies put in place by the Bush administration. [New York Times] introduces their Single Guy of the Month: Kansas City Chief Running Back Kolby Smith. Check the photo gallery. Is it just me or does he appear to have man hips??? []

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