News Bites: Ed Kennedy Dies, Obama Makes Peace, Breast Cancer & The Marines, The Wire vs. The UK

Senator Edward Kennedy, the last of the Kennedy political dynasty and giver of Portuguese water dogs to presidents, has died. He was 77 years old. R.I.P. {NYT}

The phrase “peace in the middle east” may actually come through if President Obama’s multi-nation talks take place. {G}

Another day in America, another cancer cluster is found. Only this time it’s with the Marines, so it’s important. {LAT}

Grab your cameras! YouTube is going to share the wealth with the creators of it’s hottest viral videos. {R}

A fresh “from across the pond” view of “The Wire”, it’s influence on politics and crime in the UK. {G}

Good morning lovelies. Enjoy the day! -Bakes

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