News Bites: Friday Flicks, No to Self Pleasure, Germany/France Beat Recession? and “Family Guy” Tackles Abortion

jeremy piven will ferrell

The Time Traveler’s Wife drops in the US tomorrow, starring Rachel McAdams, I want to see it I guess. However, I’ve already seen The Goods, starring Will Ferrell and Jeremy Piven. Lets just say I was almost 40 mins late, and missed nothing. *raised eyebrow*

Connecticut doesn’t want you to masturbate. Boo. [$pread]

This made my morning. Germany and France have jumped out of the recession. Interesting. Meanwhile, America’s still yelling at each other at town hall meetings over health care and unemployment in the UK has jumped up to 2.4 mill. [G]

“Family Guy” proves yet again why I love it, the creators have an abortion episode coming up. [AP]

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