News Bites: Gamblers Travel Far & Wide for Italian Lottery…Denzel & Julia Effected by the Recession Too?…UN Cracks Down on Aboriginal Mistreatment…The Atlantic’s Unique Spin on Healthcare


Cats from Germany, Spain and all over Europe are traveling to Italy almost daily to participate in one of the largest lottery pots in years. [Global Post]

What happened?  Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington and Will Farrell not bringing in the box office numbers that they used to?  Maybe because the movies that they’re in suck.   Well whatever the reason, Hollywood studios are cutting salaries and everyone is feeling the pinch.  (Somehow I have little sympathy, though!)  [New York Times]

After all of these years, the UN now decides to investigate unfair treatment of the Aboriginies in Australia.  [BBC]

Business man David Goldhill wrote a very insightful look at the American heath care system in this month’s Atlantic.  [Atlantic]

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