News Bites: MJ’s Death Ruled a Homicide…Roxanne Shante Gets Her PhD on Warner Music…Giuliani Running for Governor…Cockfighting in Columbia

The LA County coroner’s office ruled Michael Jackson’s death a homicide.   The hour-by-hour details of drug injections that he received in the days before his death were released yesterday. Things don’t look so good for Dr. Murray. [USA Today]

Old news, maybe, but the New York Daily News finally ran a piece on Roxanne Shante obtaining her PhD from Cornell after utilizing a clause in her Warner Music contract that said they would pay for her education for life.  Cost of getting her degree: $217,000.  Cost of milking the greedy label execs who cheated her out of her royalties for years: priceless.  [NY Daily News]

Governor Patterson’s low approval ratings are low enough to get Giuliani interested in running for Governor of New York.  The sad thing is–he may actually have a chance. Could Andrew Cuomo save the day?  I believe Patterson’s days in office are numbered.  [New York Times]

In the spirit of Michael Vick, Global Post’s Columbian reporter questions the morality of cockfighting.  [Global Post]

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