NewsBites: Brasil Says No to Flushing, Anti-Social Socials, Haiti & More



In Brasil, an effort to conserve water is underway with a new ad campaign…basically if its yellow…keep it mellow. 

With the world constantly becoming more ¨instant¨with Twitter, Facebook, etc…some folks are staging a backlash. Basically, you can come to my house – but leave the party off the web. (NYT)


Love your nightly vino tinto with dinner, but hate lugging around those heavy glass bottles? Plastic bottles may be your new best friend. (LAT)


¨We are but a bunch of crooks that have lost all credibility with our citizens”�
A senator in Brasil just put in on the table amid a row over mass corruption. (MER) 


In Haiti, desperate parents are abandoning their disabled kidsbecause they have no means to properly care for them, leaving a literal ¨surplus¨of children at local hospitals. (MH)

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