NewsBites: Hillary Gets Testy, Prescriptions Aren’t Private, Brazillian Bullies and Sex

So while I was spending a weekend in the country to relax – Hillary Clinton was in the Democratic Republic of Congo going off on an audience member whose question was mistakenly mis-interpreted by the translator, confusing “Mr. Obama” for “Mr. Clinton.” She still never said what Dikembe Mutombo thinks though… {TEL}

Lets say you have….gonorrhea. You go to the doctor, get a prescription and in two weeks you suddenly start getting coupons for condoms in the mail. Welcome to the world of not-so-private prescriptions and the reason why I am a slave to natural medicine. {NYT}

A TV show host in Brasil has been accused of ordering the killings of his drug trafficking (pause) rivals from his show to boost ratings. I couldn’t find a clever way to sum it up, sorry. {BBC}

Breaking news: children use the internet to look up “sex” and “porn.” An entire study was dedicated to this…which means that someone paid for it…which means that we have some rethinking to do. {REU}

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