NewsBites: Obama’s Short Shorts, Reality Death, UK Recession & Athens Burns

Ahhh, this weekend was sloooow – outside of Jamaica basically DESTROYING track & field in Berlin. Don’t you love lazy weekends? Here is an overview:

After devoting hundreds of words to Barack Obama’s denim decisions, Robin Givhan has a few words about Michelle Obama’s shorts. That’s right—shorts. People are really upset by this? Just be glad we don’t have to deal with Berlusconi and his wife. {WP}

Ryan Jenkins…estranged husband, wife killer, and reality show contestant on VH1 – was found dead in British Columbia. He hanged himself, ending an international manhunt. Reality reality does bite. {LAT}

The UK is stating that their recession is over…let’s get it together America! {G}

Athens continues to burn up. Our hearts go out to all who have fam and friends there. {BBC}

We have a new Miss Universe…from Venezuela…again! Chavez is so proud right now, although he probably will never admit it. {CNN}

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