NewsBites: Rye Rye Bangs for BMore, Iraqi Solders Set It Off, New HIV, Israel Say Goodbye

“She’s definitely on our radar, and we’re just waiting for the right moment to break her into our audience,” says Rob Markman, music editor at XXL, a hip-hop magazine. “If anyone can do it, Rye Rye can.”

Remember when we posted about Rye Rye? Well check out her evolution from the streets of the Baltimore to the ear of M.I.A over at WashPo. Lets just pray that she is still en vogue this time next year, eh? Hi Kid Cudi.

My guess is when you have unlimited access to guns, you too would think that you could pull a $4.8 million dollar bank heist like some Iraqi soldiers did? {LAT}

Raul Castro, the (kinda) new Cuban leader says he will sit down with the US, but don’t think that socalism is going anywhere. Its not like capitalism is the only way for everyone. Hello US economy. {G}

I guess Parlour isn’t gonna blog about Sarah Palin anytime soon. But I really don’t think that anyone is gonna come to Bed-Stuy. {HuffPo}

Scientists have found a new strain of HIV in a woman in Cameroon. Soon there will be full body condoms. {BBC}

After a long battle, Israel finally evicted nine Palestinian familes to make room…for more Israelis? This is like eminent domain on a totally new level. The families had lived there for 50+ years. {NYT}

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