Parlour Review: “Julie & Julia”

This weekend, on opening night I might add, I drug my boyfriend to see Julie & Julia. I’d feel bad for him, except I’ve suffered through quite a few post-apocalyptic/zombie/slasher movies for his sake. Not to mention, he was in the company of all the other New York City boyfriends seeing as the film was sold out and we had to attend the 10:30 show instead of the 9pm. So what’d I think?

I absolutely loved Julie & Julia! I’m considering going again and I’m thinking about buying the bootleg. Lol, my favorite part was definitely Meryl Streep’s portrayal of the eccentric Julia Child, with her high voice and catchy laugh. Streep explained in an interview for the film that she was really portraying Julie Powell’s image of a Julia Child more than the real woman.

In addition, I enjoyed Streep’s on screen chemistry with Stanley Tucci because, like I said before, it’s a The Devil Wears Prada reunion. My only problem is that it’s just so hard to believe that Tucci is heterosexual, so him playing Julia’s horny husband was a bit unbelievable, however the parts where he was doting on her, I believed. All in all, the film is worth seeing with a date (you’ll find out how much he likes you…), your bf, or your gaggle of girlfriends. Do it! And here’s a little real Julia Child below.

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