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Saturday Night’s Sorted ‘Til Christmas

Gosh it’s that time already?! You know you’re getting old when you start saying things like, “doesn’t time fly.” Well it really does! It only seems like yesterday that Alexandra Burke won “X Factor” (last year), and the series kicked off again over the weekend. I’ll not bore you with details EVERY week — but if I spot a gem I’ll be sure to post it.

With Leona Lewis winging her way to the US when she won, and Alexandra about to release her track with Flo’Rida — the USA will surely be hearing about our next winner when the series comes to an end at Christmas, if ol’ Mr. Cowell has anything to do with it (talking of Si, does this dude ever age?).

X Factor being back just reminds me cold winter nights. Sigh. It’s also starting to get darker earlier. Sigh. And it’s September next week. Sigh. Anyone else wanna join me in a chorus of, “where has the time gone?!”

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