Sexy Jelly…

Happy Friday ladies, its been awhile since you and I have spoken about sex, but I wanted to make sure I had something good to share. As such, lets ring in the weekend with my run in with K-Y Intense arousal gel. You know those commercials…the ones with the ladies talking about how this gel makes their orgasms into a NASA space shuttle taking off into space, in half the time. Riiiiiiight.
K-Y sent me a pack which retails for $25 and when I say a pack, I mean like 20 additional packets of Intense gel with a pre-filled little black pump. The price alone is a good value, that’s like a vibrator with a 20 pack of AA batteries! Now, my vagina and I have a special relationship. I don’t put any strange things in it or on it (read: douche, lubricants, bath gel, shower gel) and it doesn’t give me infections. Done. So I understood that using this K-Y gel equals a risk of yeast infection proportions, but I said ‘Let’s try it anyway! If it’s not friendly with my parts, well, I just won’t use it again.’
So what’s the verdict after getting busy with the arousal gel?

1) It was like Carmex for the clitoris. The gel made my clit feel warm and loved, but didn’t necessarily make me climax any faster. In fact, it made me wish the tingling sensation brought on by the gel lasted longer than the few minutes it did, and this made me frustrated because I felt like I had to keep applying it.

2) I got a yeast infection from the gel. But I knew this was coming.

Would I recommend this gel to others?

Well, if I didn’t get a y.i. from it, yes. But my vagina is mine, and yours will no doubt react differently. What I can say is that this arousal gel is probably much more effective if you’re masturbating with a vibrator because you’ll likely induce a faster orgasm which will be buoyed by the Intense arousal gel, and then, ladies, you can explode like the space shuttle, albeit, by yourself.

Happy Friday!

ps. anybody want some of these extra packets? I haven’t opened them, I swear…

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