Speed Dating on the Train


Speed Dating is so ingrained in American pop culture, that even those not looking for a love know what it is. The concept was developed in the early 90s by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo and his wife Sue to help young Jewish singles to find soulmates of the same faith.

Trident (yes, the gum) hosted the first-ever speed dating event in Porto Alegre, Brasil and of course I was invited to participate. For one night, 24 girls met 24 boys in a train line. The first station was transformed into a club, where we could drink and listen to good music. We each received a list with names and photos of participants of the opposite sex. Next to each name, we could vote to either “kiss” or “step” (away).

There were 576 meetings in total. Each guy had three minutes (the time the train takes to go from one station to another) to pick up the girl of the moment and try something with her. All of the females were seated, while the guys switched places with each station. They had from the Market to the Airport to meet all 24 girls while cameras installed right in front of us captured it all.

Now, down to business …

The Porto Alegre “guris” (boys) are so cute, but they aren’t different from those in São Paulo (my city), Rio de Janeiro or anywhere else. Some of their game was so weak I gasped! Where is the attitude, boys? Okay, I won’t generalize. Some were friendly and good fun. But we did this until 4am then went to the Villa Pub with the guys from the event and had lots of drinks with good music. So good that we didn’t finish until 7.30 in the morning! (Man, am I too old for these things!) Good times!

Check out some of my videos from the event. (That’s me in the green dress!)

Translation: The two guys are fighting over me!

This is with a guy from Big Brother Brazil

And this guy… well…..


“Brasil, meu Brasil brasileiro… “

-Luciana Sabbag…the “Brasileirinha”, is from a land of samba and tambourine. That place you know because of soccer,  carnival, the feijoada and magnificent beaches. She is a journalist, writer and actress in Brazil. She works with Social Media in a multinational company and, even through the day in the office, she loves the Brazilian happiness and the climate of her country. People are receptive and warm, so she could not be different: to know distinct people, cultures and nations is her favorite hobby.

You can read more from Brasilerinha by checking out her blog http://amelhordasintencoes.wordpress.com

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