“True Blood” Recap: “Satan in a Sunday Hat, Girl…”

true blood

And this week, Sookie’s impulses are SLOW (had she really never touched Hugo before the two were stuck in the Fellowship of the Light cage?), Andy (aka Frank Sobotka) is the only one who knows the truth, and Lafayette is my fashion GOD! But as usual, that’s not all…

-Lorena is getting on my nerves, why’s she so stuck on “William Compton?” Let the man go, he doesn’t like you anymore girl, go turn someone else…

-I know the eyebrows were thin in the ’30s but damn, does everyone’s have to be so BAD? I mean, Francis, the chorus dancer, her brows were gross. Her red beret, gloves and belt were cute though…

-How is Jessica getting it IN in the room RIGHT NEXT to Bill and he can’t hear anything? I know Lorena’s demanding and Sookie’s in trouble, but really, you can’t hear under-aged sex happening?

-“I have tried to love you for decades!” – sez Bill. Po’ thang, usually bad relationships end after months/years, not decades. Dang…

-Why is Eric the only vamp that seems to realize that things are awry? From saying that Godric is missing from the beginning, to Sookie and Hugo being gone for too long. He’s the only one. Who knew that would be the case?

-La.fa.yette. Can I just tell you that I screamed at 1) his false eyelashes 2) when I realized that his shirt said “bitch.” I.Can’t. But I love it! He’s definitely got his “pizazz” back.

-“I’m crying because I’m so happy” – sez Sarah Newlyn. “I feel closer to God than I ever have.” Jason has sexed televangelist chick CRAZY, Jason’s “ego” has driven her nutso.

-Poor Andy! He’s the only one that realizes that foul shit is at play, except no one believes him! Though I can see Tara finally putting the pieces together, but from the previews it looks like Lafayette’s going to have to shove some drugs down her throat to wake her up…Am I wrong?

-Maybe I’m violent but I’m upset that 1) Jason didn’t kill Gabe w/ that knife 2) Sam didn’t shoot Daphne after her nice explanation of Maryann being a maenad, which Sportie told us about way back in like episode two.


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  • Is anyone not shocked that Egg’s is Maryanne’s accomplice and that Sam is going be framed for Daffney’s murder. Maryanne has got to go, she’s driving me crazy!

  • All I can say is WHOA!!! This episode has sealed my status as a life long fan.

    fav line: “thank you jesus santa claus and holy krishna!”

  • finkies

    i concur with all of thee above:
    it makes no sense that jessica, in the room right next to bill, can’t hear anything, becasue vamps have super sonic hearing — hence eric rushing to sookies aid once barry showed up. also, sookie should have been able to pick up on hugo’s wrongness much earlier if she was locked in a room with him.

    also, the eyebrows from the 30’s are so bad, it makes me want to cry. so so awful.

    and layfayette is super fierce. that is all.

  • I’m still having a hard time with Tara’s weightloss. I wonder if they made her drop the bulk. She don’t look bad tho.

  • This was an excellent episode! And we watched next week’s preview, like, three times. So excited for it.

    Lafayette had THE best line of the night (see this post’s title). He’s still kinda f’ed up beneath that makeup, but he has more sense than everyone else up in that mug.

    Yes! The eyebrows were driving my crazy, ick.

    Hello, no one has mentioned that chick shooting Jason—though we didn’t actually SEE it… I’m pretty sure he’s fine, but I’m anxious to see how it plays out.

    Best episode all season, for the last ten minutes alone.

  • I almost forgot:
    1. Why was Sookie wearing granny panties? Because she was supposed to be churchy?
    2. Why does Godric not look like he’s being played by the same actor?

  • Mahogs

    Agreed… Best episode so far–next to last week which officially set it off. I said it last week and I’ll say it again. Detective Belfour is going to be the one to save the town from Maryann. How, I have no idea… but poor Andy needs to redeem himself after trying to throw Jason under the bus in Season 1. He’ll prove that he’s not just another crazy drunk after all.

    Re: Jason, I was upset with the thought that he could have died, but then after watching the previews–we now know that he survives.

    The whole relationship btwn Jessica and old boy is cute, but before the season is over I think they too are going to be forced to choose sides: that of love or loyalty to their own kind. Woo woo…

  • T. Thomas

    WOW best episode i was at the edge of my coach watching it i was like oh shit all the way through LOL bt no 1 seems 2 mention Godrick azz is alive and well speaking of him am i the only 1 who noticed he looked like kellan lutz IDK bt best episode ever and HA HA dat bitch daphne deserved 2 die dat BITCH.

  • i just caught up on this episode after coming back from vacation. it was awesome but a couple of things –
    1. it’s not that bill can’t hear jessica not having sex (because they hadn’t yet), he’s just more concerned about sookie. 2. eric seems to be the only one concerned about godric because he’s his maker. that female vamp couldn’t pick up that sookie and hugo were in trouble because hugo really wasn’t in distress. he was in on it so the only time she felt anything from him is when he was having a claustrophobic panic attack. besides, she’s clearly not in love with hugo. she called their relationship a science experiment. that other vamp wants godric gone anyway so he’s not rushing to anyone’s aid. and as it will probably turn out, godric was off doing his own thing and not in the captivity of the church. that’s why he was the first one there to rescue sookie. 3. i was annoyed that sookie never suspected hugo too but in her defense, she usually tries to mute her abilities or in this case, focus it elsewhere. she hadn’t tried to read minds since they got caught. she only tried to contact bill and that other telepath using telepathy. 4. eggs is not maryann’s accomplice. he was clearly under her spell. when tara finally figures it out (on her own or because of lafayette’s intervention), she will try to save eggs and he will have to choose between her and maryanne, probably getting killed in the process. 5. i still think that jessica and hoyt are going to have a natural born killers moment with his mom. their whole interaction is sweet. it balances all of the violent sex going on. 6. and lafayette betta work! lash game proper, headwraps and all.