“True Blood” Recap! x 2: “Jesus and I agreed to see other people…”

Evan-Rachel-Wood-As-Queen-Sophie-Ann-true-blood-7518520-300-400Hey Ladies! We’re doing a double recap week because of our mishap last week…(sorry about that) so we’re doing a double “True Blood” Recap this week! So it’s all boredum and Tara-kidnapping, and then all hell, literally breaks loose! But as usual, that’s not all…
August 16

-Why does Eric want Sookie so bad?-“I wouldn’t wish that on a possum” -sez Arlene Lafayette about Daphne-“I didn’t mean to be peculiar AT you…” – sez Terry to Arlene
-“I’m a grown ass man” -sez Hoyt to his mama (and I’m taking my chips & cheese sandwich)
-Lafeyette’s cropped jean vest that he’s sporting while he kidnaps Tara. I. can’t. LMAO!
-Overall, I found this episode to be pretty anti-climatic, but now I know why…
August 23

-“Jesus and I agreed to see other people, now that don’t mean we don’t still talk from time to time…” – sez Lafayette during Tara’s intervention.
-“Aren’t you glad I didn’t take your advice and quit drinking?” – sez Andy while running from the town’s possessed.
– Andy’s one-eyed man x Annie the Nanny story? Wtf were we supposed to glean from that?

-Jason as the god? with a toxic worker mask and a tree branch? Lol!

-And then he doesn’t know what godly language like “smite” means…LOL…

-“If ever there was a time to listen to a white man, the time is now…” – sez Lafayette to Tara while Bill’s trying to glamor her…this is classic.


-Why does Maryann’s blood almost kill Bill? I get that she’s a maenad, and she’s immortal, but why’s he throwing up?

-What the hey did Sookie do to Maryann? What IS Sookie anyway…

-Who’d Bill go to see that has blood dripping from their foot?


Evan Rachel Wood will play a 500-year old “Vampire Queen.” Michael Ausiello from EW.com says that Wood is signed for two seasons and describes the French vampy as “charming, wily, ruthless and wise. She’s a consummate diplomat who has (or had) many of history’s most famous people on speed dial.”

Evan Rachel Wood on her sapphic-character: “Sophie is half Patrick Bateman, half Paris Hilton. She loves to tell people what to do—like, she could tell Bill to go play Yahtzee or something—but she’s not going to sleep with him, because she likes the ladies.”

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