“True Blood” Recap: “You Summoned Me!”

Hey Ladies! So its another week of “True Blood” before they leave us for Labor Day weekend here in the states. What do we have to tied us over? Eric stalking both Sookie and Lafayette’s thoughts, Tara’s mom is still crazy, Tara is a mess and Bill meets Sookie’s cousin at the Queen’s house? But as usual, that’s not all…
-“They’re furry…” re. Lafayette’s handcuffs.-Why is Tara still stank to her mother? I thought she was done with the curse…
-The Fangtastic waitress in the pom pom shorts is annoying, still. How is she not dead yet?

So Tara summoned Maryann? Are you serious!?! Ugh…but Eggs laughing at Maryann saying that she thought Ms Janette was possibly a vessel is actually funny.

-Well, at least we know that Jessica didn’t eat Hoyt’s mama…but damn, her telling him his father shot himself. She must be stopped.

Wait- why does Eric still want Sookie? I thought he had her already, with her drinking his blood and all?

-“Teacup humans” – sez Eric. LOL…he’s funny this episode.

-‘Ro ro ro your boat’ as “lo lo bromeous?” This town has issues…

-“I will have sex with you”- sez feeding guy to Bill. “That will not be necessary” – sez Bill. LOL

-“You two really should just fuck each other and get it over with” – sez Vamp Queen. I kinda agree.

WTF Moment…

-OK, what the hell is in the egg?!? I can’t deal with this show!

-Why’s the Vamp Queen want Eric to “take care” of Bill?

-So I’m assuming Bill serving up Sam is some sort of play to open Maryann to being killed…*crosses fingers*

Do you guys have any other predictions? I’m at a loss…

image: HBO, Inc.

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