Best iPhone Apps for Us “Uppity” Girls

Check this out. Josh Clark did all the work that I never felt like doing, even as an excited iPhone user—he waded through the water of a gazillion iPhone apps and assembled a 228 page of what he deems the best for the “discriminating” downloader. The folks over at BoingBoing gave it a go, but I just don’t know if I can drop $20 on a book or just dedicate a night, and a spliff, to searching the net on my own—especially since there is a new app released about every 15 minutes it seems. I love how they chose to use the SitorSquat application as an excerpt from the book, it’s a city girl’s DREAM:

Version: 3.0

When nature calls, it’s SitOrSquat to the rescue. The database of public restrooms steers you to the closest porcelain oasis, including photos and ratings from a network of concerned citizens. That includes you: Update listings with photos, store hours, and ratings, or add new toilets as you explore your town’s powder rooms. A blog of toilet humor provides bathroom reading, too. It’s a full-service porta-potty for your mobile phone.

RESTROOM RADAR: SitOrSquat’s map shows you the closest points of relief. Green and red icons indicate open and closed businesses (yellow means the database doesn’t have that info). Select a business to see complete details, including photos, comments, and whether the facilities are clean (“sit”) or dirty (“squat”).

PILGRIM’S PROGRESS: The Search screen shows results in list view, including photos, ratings and distance from your current location. Type a new location in the search box to find restrooms for another place, or filter results for cleanliness, business type, or a remarkable number of “features” (changing tables, handicap access, seat covers).

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