Blackface? Never In Style


Having just returned from Madrid, I was pretty wistful when I heard that I would miss their S/S 2010 fashion week this week. Looking at the latest collection from Carlos Diez, I’m pretty happy that I wasn’t there, since this brown girl got pretty worked up over his runway show—it’s not just the clothes that are bad. I’m all for creativity in fashion, but blackface is never a good idea, even if you didn’t mean it to be, even if the models strangely remind me of George Hamilton, still not a good idea. The real question for me is why he would ever think this was ok? Beyond distasteful, the collection itself is a bad “Brady Bunch” trip on fabric. I wonder if he ever plans on showing in New York? We prefer our faces their natural color and hairpieces on our heads, not t-shirts. Thoughts ladies?

More Madrid & India/Lakme fashion week to come!

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