Talk About It: Lamar Odom x Khloe K & Mashonda vs. Alicia Keys


Lamar & Khoe really got married! Best wishes, but something about this union reeks of media circus…and if their relationship becomes a reality show, I’m going to off myself.

-Over the weekend, Mashonda wrote a tweet letter to Alicia Keys…as we all know AK stepped off with Mashonda’s husband, Swizz Beatz, who was a willing participant. I know we shouldn’t judge here at Parlour, so we’ll just say, sure, Twitter wasn’t the best forum to air out her issues, but we see her point. Keys portrays a certain image and the whole “other woman” thing doesn’t really jive with saving children in Africa, etc (or maybe it does (c) Angelina Jolie)

What do you think ladies?

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