Extra Innings kills summers…softly

It truly seems like I have done two things all summer. Work, and watch MLB Extra Innings.

It’s taking over my life. I’ve ignored parties, trips to the beach, dinner outings, drinks with friends, and every other activity to make the summer fun, to sit in my house and watch baseball.

For $200 I have gotten over 100 out of market games each week, which means I get to watch (ogle) my favorite players from both of my NL teams (Dodgers and Cardinals) and the Tigers and White Sox. Of course I was on a mid summer ban up until Manny’s return from suspension, but since then it has been all baseball, all the time.

My schedule is pretty much down pat-Yankees at 7, DVR the Cards at 8 and watch the Dodgers at 10. My mood fluctuates based upon who’s winning or wins by night’s end. I cringe when the Cards/Dodgers play each other because there are no ties in baseball. The worst of it? I’m pretty much ignoring all things pre-season football.

I’ve learned to navigate past Pirates and Reds games, unless they’re playing a team I watch because they don’t seem to film in HD. I also don’t watch Royals games because their home broadcasters might be the two most boring men in the history of America.

Of course there are drawbacks at times, the Fox Saturday afternoon blackout pretty much means that any game at 4:10 will be a recap special, unless I want to listen to it on the radio. They don’t show post game shows, and often the commentary is almost as bad as Michael Kay doing a Yankee game.

Oh well. I’m hooked, and as August ends, and I have no tan, and no intention on leaving the house to get one. I’ll be smiling just about every afternoon.

Too bad there is only a month left of this before the games all shift to Fox and ESPN for the playoffs. I’m sure I’ll go through some manner of withdrawal, and try to use football as a substitute, but I can already see my future. Summers spent flipping back and forth between game after game, in HD, with my trusty mute button to shut the pundits up. Bliss.

What can I say? I love this game, and I truly love extra innings.


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