Football is like Christmas Only with Beer

So while the rest of the world around me was busy doing Fashion’s Night Out, sleeping off pre-VMA parties, and actually watching/attending the show and post parties, yours truly was basking in the glow that is the start of football season.
Football is the one thing that will make me put baseball on the back burner (I missed six games I normally wouldn’t have moved from in front of). I even skipped (ok DVR’d) the “True Blood” finale.
It all started on a high note as usual. The defensive standoff that went into overtime between Pittsburgh and Tennessee, the last second heroics of Brandon Stokely in the Broncos vs. Bengals game, and the crushing last second INT and touch by Al Harris in the Green Bay vs. Chicago game and the last minute heroics during both Monday night games really stand out.
I was kind of saddened by how many injuries cropped up this week. Like celebrity deaths this year, the names seem to be bigger than usual-most notably Brian Urlacher out for the season with wrist surgery, Troy Polamalu (and his hair) out for 3-6 weeks with an MCL injury, Donovan McNabb out with a cracked rib.

The season started out well for me as well. My rookie quarterback lived up to the hype from the NY press, and played extremely well. Of course they played Houston, but you have to play who’s in front of you right?

Here’s hoping they’re not a one week wonder that will be left looking insanely bad next week. In any event, tis the season to be jolly right? Joy!


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